SMG Associate Professor Part of Policy Brief for The European Commission

sofkaSMG Associate Professor Wolfgang Sofka has contributed to a policy brief for The European Commission, entitled “Attracting foreign direct investment without weakening domestic firms”.

The policy brief builds on a recent study designed to provide insights that support the need for a comprehensive policy approach which simultaneously aims at attracting foreign direct investments while strengthening the competitiveness of domestic firms. More in detail, the applied framework provides policy-makers with an instrument to understand when foreign investments are beneficial with respect to knowledge inflows and when they start to jeopardise the competitiveness of local firms. This has interesting policy implications in relation to various relevant aspects of the Europe 2020 agenda, such as the need to strengthen the competitiveness of European firms in the global economy, by, among other things, promoting and supporting their mobility within the Internal Market, their internationalisation, and European-Commission-Logo-squaretheir capacity to contribute to and benefit from international knowledge flows.


For more information visit the European Commission website or download the full policy brief below.


“Attracting foreign direct investment without weakening domestic firms”

Full pdf.