Inaugural Lecture on May 20th – by professor Christian Geisler Asmussen



Inaugural lecture on Globalization, competitive advantage, and the performance of the multinational firm

by Christian Geisler Asmussen

Professor with Special Responsibilities
in Strategic and International Management

Why are some firms more successful in the global market than others? This inaugural lecture presents a research program that aims to uncover the drivers of superior performance in multinational firms. It describes the challenges that such firms face when trying to build proprietary resources, such as advanced technologies and superior brands, which can be extended across national and regional boundaries to compete against foreign firms.

There are two research traditions dealing with the geographic origins of competitive advantages: (1) the tradition of home-based advantage in which firms are believed to develop their resources in their home countries and exploit them abroad, and (2) the tradition of metanational advantage in which they are assumed to source their resources from a network of foreign subsidiaries.

The lecture will contrast these two schools of thought, drawing out their implications for location choice, geographic scope, and organizational structure, and provide examples of strategies that multinational firms can pursue in order to obtain, augment, and exploit their competitive advantages.


Professor Christian Geisler Asmussens Inaugural Lecture on May 20th from smg cbs on Vimeo.