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Who are we?

SMG is a department at the Copenhagen Business School, one of the world’s largest and most entrepreneurial business schools. We hold CBS World-Class Research Environment status.

We strive to further strengthen our profile as a department that publishes top-level research in strategy and international management.

SMG Research Values and Ambitions

SMG is committed to theory development and theory-driven empirical research in Strategic and International Management (SIM). Our aim is to publish innovative research in the top mainstream journals.

While we aim at the very best journals in management research, and have been successful in this regard, we also encourage novel perspectives and ideas that have the potential to rock the boat.

Since SMG was founded in 2005, we have continuously expanded in terms of faculty and research themes.

Our research is clearly thriving, as indicated by a generally high level of publication activity, a string of publications in A-journals in management research, visits by prominent scholars, many workshops and conferences on frontier issues, and a high level of engagement with our research communities – as reviewers, keynote speakers, etc.

The department is internationally recognized as one of the top European research units within SIM.