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SMG Research Themes

We aim at developing distinct, team-based research themes within Strategic and International Management, stressing the importance of micro-foundations, organizational design and knowledge processes in theory building, and rigorous data collection and analysis in the empirical research process.

These are the key positions from which we approach traditional core strategy issues like value creation and core international business issues like location choice and entry mode. To exemplify among our main research themes are these:

International Value Chain Organization

In particular, issues of offshoring/geographical location. By “slicing” and relocating their value activities internationally, firms expect to reduce overall costs and risks, and reap the benefits of innovations globally.

Dynamics of Strategy

Includes strategic risk management, strategic HRM, strategic entrepreneurship, and management innovation.

Knowledge Governance

That is, how organizational mechanisms can be deployed to direct knowledge sharing, integration and creation in desired directions, combining organizational design thinking and knowledge management.

The Theory of the Firm

Addresses the foundational issues like the relative role of bounded rationality and opportunism in shaping economic organization, the coordinating role of corporate headquarters, the drivers of decentralization in firm, and so on, and explores their implications for strategic and international management.